Monday, March 23, 2009

Useful Information

For those visiting India for the first time here is some information that may be of use:

The whole of India is in time zone IST (Indian Standard Time) which is 5.5hr ahead of GMT.

The national currency is known as the Indian Rupee - sometimes written as INR in foreign documentation, but usually displayed as 'Rs' before a figure in India.

Indian currency cannot be acquired outside of India, so plan to withdraw cash electronically (ATM) or bring travellers cheques.

For the current exchange rate type your own three digit code into then INR and it will give you the days rate (e.g. "GBP INR" for British Pound to Indian Rupee, "USD INR" - US Dollar, "CAD INR" - Canadian Dollar, "EUR IND" - Euros, "NZD INR" - New Zealand Dollar, "AUD INR" - Australian Dollar). Alternatively click here for a Universal Currency Convertor.

Indian Life
National newspaper The Hindustan Times is a good source of information ab
out India current affairs, politics and sport.
The other major national newspaper is The Times of India.

Temperatures vary depending on the month of the year as follows (celcius):

January 3 to 22
February 7 to 25
March 19 to 28
April 16 to 32
May 20 to 38
June 20 to 38
July 18 to 34
August 18 to 32
September 16 to 31
October 10 to 27
November 9 to 23
December 5 to 22