Monday, March 23, 2009

How to find us

If you are visiting the Moravian Institute and have not been before here are some basic instructions that may be of use:

By Air
Our nearest international airport is New Delhi airport (also known as Indira Gandhi). The airport is currently undergoing extensive redevelopment, and is split into an international terminal and a domestic terminal. These are not particularly close to each other and at least 1 hour should be allowed for travel between the two.

There is a domestic airport serving Dehradun called Jolly Grant airport. It is currently only served by Kingfisher airlines and a flight from Delhi to Dehradun takes one hour. Travelling from the airport to Rajpur takes approximately one hour by taxi and would cost roughly Rs500.

By train
Travelling by train is the preferred option for many of our visitors. Dehradun has a major train station with regular services daily from Delhi which in turn is well connected with every other part of India. A train journey from Delhi to Dehradun takes approximately 6-8 hours depending on service.

Tickets can be booked via the Indian Railway website or in person at the train station. Delhi has a number of train stations and two have trains departing to Dehradun - Nizamuddin (NZM) and Delhi Main (DLI). Both these train stations are approximately one hour from the New Delhi airport.

There are a number of classes of service available on the train - ranging from 'Second Sitting' (just a seat in a crowded compartment and not recommended) to 'First Class a/c' (an air conditioned cabin for four people), with options between. For overseas visitors we recommend any service from 'A/c 3 Tier' and above. Prices range in these categories from approximately Rs450 to Rs1200

A taxi from the train station to Rajpur costs approximately Rs350.

By Taxi
There is a choice of catching a formal taxi (such as the Ambassador's common to India) or a smaller three-wheeler. For those with luggage we recommend a larger vehicle such as the ambassador.

Instruct the driver that you wish to travel to "Rajpur - the Moravian Institute on the Old Mussoorie Road". If the driver does not the school then find another driver if available or they may call to confirm directions (0135 2734 358).

For those travelling from the train station or any area of central Dehradun they will travel along the Rajpur Road for approximately 10km/20 minutes where they will reach Rajpur village. Here a left turn is made up a winding road (Old Mussoorie Road) and a steep ascent for approximately 2km. The Moravian Institute is clearly signposted on the left side of the road.