Sunday, March 22, 2009

Principal's Message

Welcome to the Moravian Institute website.

The work here in Rajpur, Dehradun was established in 1963 by Br Eliyah Thsetan Phunthsog whilst he was undertaking the revision of the New Testament in Tibetan for the Bible Society of India. During this time he met a number of Tibetan refugees who had just fled from their homeland across the Himalayas. What blossomed over the years was a work involving a school, a hostel and a vocational training program. If you wish to read more about the history of the Institute please click here.

Through the efforts of the staff and volunteers here we seek to meet our stated aim of “demonstrating the love of God in Jesus Christ by providing excellent educational and other facilities, primarily to needy children.” Hopefully this website will give you a glimpse into the work we are doing.

Thank you for taking the time to visit,

Principal Thsespal Z Kundan

Moravian Institute